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We’ve launched!

What an amazing 10 days! Simply put, I want to thank the 1,000’s of people who crossed our thresholds for the first time, and the hard work and dedication of the ArtsEmerson staff who made it happen.

Every performance was rewarded with a standing ovation, and all of us in the ArtsEmerson community reciprocate with ovations to you for your participation and embrace.

I’m at the Dublin Theatre Festival in Ireland next week and look forward to sharing with you more reflections on our opening and the pleasures of being at such an important festival.

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  1. Hello Rob, I just stumbled upon this blog. I appreciate your perspectives and thoughts on the launch of Artsemerson. It’s great to read about the role Artsemerson plays in supporting ensembles in developing new work and the bit about the ERS shipment to Scotland was interesting. I look forward to visiting Boston and attending performances in the near future.


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