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We just hosted a two week workshop of a piece about the “repurposing” of a 22 acre tract of land in Brooklyn. It’s called, IN THE FOOTPRINT:The Battle for Atlantic Yards. The company creating the work, THE CIVILIANS, will begin previews this Friday in New York and open to the press on November 22nd. They then return to Boston for a week of performances here beginning on January 19th. They gave an informal run-through in the rehearsal room yesterday and the progress made in these past two weeks was palpable. I can’t wait for you to see the results. Like everything the CIVILIANS do under the direction of Steve Cosson, it’s a wonderful mix of story telling, irony, wit, intellectual rigor, movement and music (by Michael Friedman currently represented on Broadway with his music for BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON). Here we have another example of a young, pioneering company re-imagining the theater for their own times.

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