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Welcome back, Elevator Repair Service

It seems like only yesterday that ERS was here (last July) for two weeks putting the finishing touches on their new piece: THE SELECT (The Sun Also Rises), a stage adaptation of Hemingway’s celebrated book. They were here just before heading out to premiere the work at the Royal Lyceum Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Theatre Festival in Scotland. ERS is one of our partner theaters and we expect to be able to continue not only to present their work, but like THE SELECT, to help facilitate its creation. That’s one of our goals: to be able to bring the work of progressive companies like ERS to the community over the course of multiple years so audiences have the opportunity to experience a range of projects and the evolving signature of distinct artists – both in development and in performance. If you saw GATZ last season, you have a sense of their remarkable style. Unlike GATZ, however, which was a word for word rendering of Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby, THE SELECT focuses mainly on Hemingway’s dialogue and can be experienced in one evening rather than two. It opens Tuesday, March 15th and plays through the weekend. I hope you can make it.

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