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Inaugural thanks

We’ll be announcing our second season of 15 projects shortly, but I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have been part of the new adventures in our inaugural season. The challenge of building an audience starting from zero was formidable, but as the year progressed so did the public’s awareness of our offerings. I will always cherish our charter members and those who ventured into our new spaces for the first time – taking a chance on something unfamiliar and untried. People frequently ask how we find an audience. Do we get the lists of patrons from other cultural organizations? Do we engage with certain neighborhoods and special constituencies? The answer is yes, and more. But, the one common denominator of our audience regardless of where they live or what they see elsewhere, is their appetite for getting out and taking advantage of the many offerings of this great city. People who engage with the neighborhoods, restaurants, sporting events, festivals, history and, yes, the host of cultural choices we are so blessed to have in our midst. I celebrate you all.

I also celebrate Emerson College for creating these magnificent venues and for its support as we begin to reach out to the community for contributions to sustain our efforts. Moreover, the creativity of the faculty and the dedication of the 100’s of students who engage with our work can never be under estimated. And, we will never forget those choice donors who took a leap of faith with their generous and early gifts. Thank you all.

Finally, our incredibly hard working and imaginative staff worked miracles to get this entity up and running. They are the true heros.

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