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Check out these films, books and music related to THE ANDERSEN PROJECT

By Corrie Glanville


Le Confessionnal (1995)

In this early work written and directed by Robert Lepage, teenage Rachel, who finds herself alone and pregnant in 1950s’ Quebec, reveals her guilt to a young priest in confession. Her story is set against the backdrop of Alfred Hitchcock’s filming of his 1952 movie I Confess until it jumps ahead to 1989 when Pierre Lamontagne returns to Quebec for his father’s funeral and meets his adopted brother, Marc, who has begun to search for his true identity.


Possible Worlds (2000)

Directed by Lepage and starring the marvelous Tilda Swinton, this sci-fi infused thriller centers on George (Tom McCamus), a man who is strangely aware of the parallel worlds in which he exists, experiencing several alternate lives at the same time. When his wife, played by Swinton, is murdered in one life, he must search for her killer while he is thrown from one life to another.  


The Far Side of the Moon (2003)

Based on his play of same name, Lepage wrote, directed and starred as a forty-something Philippe, a perpetual graduate of Philosophy of Science who is forced to rebuild the relationship with his younger gay brother after the death of their mother.Canada’s official nomination for the 2003 Foreign Language Academy Award, the Village Voice proclaimed that “Lepage spins a rich, moving film that acknowledges humanity’s power to break out of Earth’s daily gravity; in the process, he leaves audiences floating.” Watch the official trailer here.


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