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A Special Thank You from Rob Orchard

This week marks the end of public performances in our second season. I like to call it our toddler year. We started wobbling with a big smile and a wide-eyed sense of the universe at the end of our first season, and we’ve navigated our way through year two without too many bruised knees to a point where the world under our feet is now much more steady – a typical, healthy (I’m happy to report) two year old.

And this is due to you, our audience, for your embrace in helping to raise this new being and your skills encouraging and mentoring us in these dynamic growth years. I have never experienced such generosity of spirit and such good will from an audience.

All I can say is THANK YOU a million times over and please always be in touch with your ideas, observations, and thoughts about how together we can mature with a shared sense of joy and possibility.

With enormous gratitude,


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