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Twisting Humanity: A Look at Les 7 doigts de la main

7 Fingers’ PSY

The following summer, Les 7 doigts had the unique opportunity to reprise PSY at ArtsEmerson to ring in the second season. Luckily, I had the unique opportunity of being one of the house ushers who got to watch the performance again and again, each time gaining new depth and understanding. I was sold. This was not a flimsy piece of entertainment with all spectacle and no heart—this was art. This notion was reconfirmed this past summer seeing the Off-Broadway production of Traces in New York City. That production, initially planned for a ten-week run at the Union Square Theatre, ran for over a year before closing this past month and launching a national tour.

Shows produced by Les 7 doigts have the extraordinary quality of building a bond with an audience which takes them on an inherently human journey through impossible means. More importantly, this connection follows you out of the theatre like a shadow: it’s there if you’ll just turn back and look at it.

Sequence 8

The company returns to Boston this weekend in hopes of extending that wonderful human connection with their newest creation: Sequence 8, playing at the Cutler Majestic Theatre from September 27 – October 7.  Direct from rave reviews at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, their latest show seeks to explore the depths of human emotion and the way we see the “other” in relation to (and apart from) ourselves. Routines with hoops, a seesaw, a trapeze and the unforgettable friction pole combine with powerful dance pieces to create the emotional and physical landscape in signature 7 Fingers-fashion.

Amid the rolls and turns and tumbles and twists of the enormously talented Sequence 8 performers, a connection will be built. Something will click. There will be a moment where the audience will look at the stage and think, “That’s me up there.” And, swinging from a trapeze a dozen feet off the ground or sliding head-first down the friction pole, the response will be unsaid, but clear: We’re really not all that different. We’re experiencing this together.

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