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American Utopias: Mike’s Next Thing


Mike Daisey does best with an empty stage. Save for a table, legal pad and glass of water, Daisey has managed to build a prolific career delivering over a dozen monologues that touch on issues ranging from life in the theatre to American politics and even, most recently, Ayn Rand. His popular and controversial monologues include 21 Dog Years, the twenty-four hour-long monologue All the Hours in the Day and last year’s high-profile The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

It’s best to prepare for Mike’s next thing– the exciting and stimulating American Utopias which will launch ArtsEmerson’s TNT Festival this week– by getting to know the man himself. Trying to explain Mike Daisey’s career in a few paragraphs is a daunting challenge, so I figured, why diminish his essence when he’s already explained himself so eloquently? Without further ado, an unofficial and entirely false introduction from Mike Daisey:

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