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Which Nick Cave Is Right For You?


Has a friend or family member suggested you incorporate Nick Cave’s work into your life? Are you confused? Are you asking yourself, “which Nick Cave is right for my life?” It’s no cause for alarm. The hyper-talented, morphing, songwriter, author, and performer of stage, screen, and page has been transforming before our eyes for over thirty years now. Choosing an incarnation of Nick Cave to latch onto as “your Nick Cave” can be a confounding process. This guide aims to help you make your selection.


Gothic Punk Nick Cave – Are you a disillusioned youth with oodles of energy and nowhere to place it? Do you find yourself obsessed with the tropes and language delivered to you during a religious upbringing even though you have all but rejected the faith? Do you have an affinity for more eye liner than society deems appropriate?  If so, then Gothic Punk Nick Cave is exactly what the doctor ordered. We recommend steady doses of Cave’s original band The Birthday Party during alternating trips to the library, the VFW hall in your town that allows the all-ages hardcore shows and the abandoned church on the outskirts of town.

1 Comment

  1. Not bad.

    I saw him in concert somewhere around 2003; he was dressed in a very cool pinstriped suit, his motion and mannerisms reminded me of Jack Skellington. He was more “rocking” than Balladeer Cave, but much more stylish than Dancing Cave, so I think there may be a couple holes to fill.

    Nevertheless, let’s get Mattel working on some Barbie & Cave dolls pronto, right?


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