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New York City Players and Vision Disturbance: The Next Thing


The way that we see is ever questionable, and is of profound consequence in our lives. In Vision Disturbance, the combination of story, physical space and directorial style turns the production into an experience that reorients audiences in a new way. Vision Disturbance lends a new perspective—one that reaffirms the speculative and immersive qualities of theatre with an invitation to view life differently.

The inaugural production of the New York City Players’ American Playwrights Division, this play is a major effort in the linking of legendary and emerging artists to collaborate in American theatre. The production initially began at The Public’s Under The Radar Festival in New York, and ArtsEmerson revives the piece this week for performances in The Next Thing (TNT) Festival, which brings many major experimental companies to Boston audiences for the first time.

Playwright Christina Masciotti wrote this play focusing on a person who’s blindsided by infidelity and the idea that you can’t trust how close things are, or how far away they’re getting—emotionally and literally. When the main character, Mondo, loses her husband and one eye’s vision, her perception of the world changes. “When you see only from one eye, it’s like you’re looking at a series of pictures,” Masciotti says. “You’re not in the world; it’s like looking at a snapshot of it.” In this case, Mondo’s altered perception leads her to feel she doesn’t have a sense of where she belongs in space.

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