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Daniel Fish: The Next Thing

Daniel Fish is on a mission to combine intimacy with theatricality; to connect the audience with high-brow, intellectual material. Whether it’s Shakespeare, Moliere, or, in this case, the ever-complex and mysterious David Foster Wallace, Fish tackles dense material and translates it to a tangible and moving experience. Daniel represents the next iteration of the artist—driven, independent,  adaptable, and multi-skilled. He is, shall we say, The Next Thing.

As an artist, Daniel Fish has a history of working on the cutting edge in theatre, installation and film. He has  directed shows in spaces that range from the reputable A.R.T. to former factories, proving his flexibility to make any space vital and lively. And as the arts evolve to satisfy our modern need, we (the audience) are learning to seek a new and fresh presentation style.

There is a new model of artist approaching the scene, and Daniel Fish isn’t a one-trick man. He took his degree in performance studies at Northwestern and– rather than jumping into the internship stream– began freelancing in New York City, leading to offers to work all over the globe. If you ask him what his current project is, you will find that he’s in the middle of several, constantly juggling the opportunities and goals that come his way. Over time, the values of this work have reflected the changing landscape of theatre, and his unique interactive performance style makes his David Foster Wallace-inspired show perfect for ArtsEmerson’s TNT Festival.

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