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The Fly (1986)

In this re-make of the 1950s classic sci-fi story, director David Cronenberg adds his distinct touch to the story of a nerdy scientist with an experiment that goes all wrong. Trying to woo a pretty journalist (Geena Davis), Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) shows off his latest scientific findings a bit too soon. Having successfully teleported a small animal, Brundle decides to test the machine on himself. A small fly, however, enters the chamber with him, and before it’s over the bookish scientist has been transformed into a fly-human hybrid, changing his life forever. This occasionally gory but visually stunning re-telling showcases Cronenberg’s work at its peak and is one of the most important films of the 1980s. Be sure to check it out at the Bright Family Screening Room March 1 @ 9PM and March 9 @ 6PM.

Mimic (1997)

A nasty roach-carried virus struck New York three years ago, taking the lives of many children. In an effort to combat this plague, scientists at the Center for Disease Control created an anti-virus that appeared to be working swimmingly, until now. When bizarre cockroaches are discovered crawling the subway tunnels under Manhattan streets, the pieces are put together to link it to the vaccine given out—one that unexpectedly turned the patients into the very monster they were combating. Now, the scientists must react in time to save the city from a rapidly spreading disease. Helmed by award-winning Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, this creepy, crawly, electric thriller features the acting talents of Mira Sorvino, F. Murray Abraham and Josh Brolin, among others. Don’t miss your chance to see it on the big screen in the Bright Family Screening Room March 2 @ 9PM and March 8 @ 6PM.

The Trial (1962)

Legendary director Orson Welles beautifully portrays Franz Kafka’s nightmarish classic novel The Trial with a polished noir touch. Josef K, an unassuming office worker, awakes one day to find the police in his bedroom. They arrest him and put him on trial for a crime that is never explicitly told to him. The suspected guilt of K but lack of knowing any details keeps audiences on edge as a series of startling events unfolds in this dystopian, hellish trial. Welles’ continued interest with the power of illusion continues in this uniquely filmic take on Kafka’s work, playing in the Bright Family Screening Room on March 3 & 9 @ 1PM

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