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Graceland-GirlsGraceland Girls (2012)

In this documentary directed by recent Emerson alumna Jordan Salvatoriello, the Graceland Girls School celebrates young women in central Kenya who desire to become leaders in their community. These girls defy the odds by using their schooling to demand equality and respect. Check it out in the Bright Family Screening Room on March 23 @ 1PM.

Middle of Nowhere (2012)middle of nowehere

On a plaintive journey of self-discovery, Ruby uncovers inner strength during the dark time of her husband’s incarceration. Director Ava DuVernay was awarded for this film at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was the first African American woman to win the prize. Like Emergency, this powerful film deals with the struggle to escape a history that haunts us. See it in the Bright Family Screening Room March 17 @ 1PM and March 23 @ 6PM.

malcolm xMalcolm X (1992)

This biopic of Malcolm X shows how he overcomes the trauma of his father’s murder by white supremacists and turns into one of the most influential (and controversial) African American leaders. Initially he turns to gang violence, but during a period of incarceration, he reads the Nation of Islam writings of Elijah Muhammad and converts to Islam. He valiantly tries to spread the word of Muhammad and compel his community to reject inherent white superiority, and his iron will leads him and those around him on journeys of self-discovery.

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