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Due South: South America’s newest films


Seeing is believing. In this generation of cross-cultural entertainment, we have the opportunity to capture a culture through film in incomparable ways. When I watch a film, I let it take me to unknown territories. Within this unexplored zone I begin to learn something about my own way of living.

The Due South film series presents the lives of characters in diverse ways that tackle extremely pertinent issues to the countries where they’re from. I selected these titles to expose these cultures in the most sensitive ways, tackling such subjects such as Catholic guilt and adolescent bisexuality; machismo friendship and the border of sexual curiosity; nanny rivalry; and security in a country where there is a large disparity between rich and poor. All these films share a fierceness and originality in their journeys of these controversial topics in the Latin American world.

This festival is a unique opportunity to provide a glimpse of contemporary Latin America. These films extend a sense of pride to their cultures and have achieved notable success at several international film festivals, including the Seattle International Film Festival, New York Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival.

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