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MachucaMachuca (2004)

Revolution and change are in the air when Chile elects Socialist President Salvador Allende in 1973. He brings forth ideals of bridging the gap between the rich and poor into the social consciousness, but these ideals crumble, giving way to a tense military coup. Meanwhile, the friendship between two adolescents—the slum-raised Pedro Machuca and the well-off Gonzalo Infante—is tested as their compatriots fiercely defend their economically polarized society. Echoing the Tsarist regime causing terror amongst its citizens in Neva, Machuca ruthlessly examines how political turmoil is only resolved at high costs. See Machuca in the Bright Family Screening Room on April 5 @ 9PM.

Swimming to Cambodia (1987)Swimming to Cambodia

What roles do theatre and the arts play in revolution? Actor and writer Spalding Gray finds out during his harrowing experience of filming on location in Cambodia. History resonates around the Killing Fields, sites of the genocide by the Khemer Rouge during the Cambodian Revolution. Expert storyteller Gray recounts his riveting experiences and reflects on the power of art to bring about social change.  Check it out in the Bright Family Screening Room on April 13 @ 6PM.

The Battle of AlgiersThe Battle of Algiers (1967)

Revolution is in the air with bloody battles of Algerians pitted against their French rulers in 1960. This film uses documentary filming techniques to portray each viewpoint of the struggle, with shootings, terrorist plots and riots raging on both sides. With an ambivalent moral standing towards this act of independence—resistance fighters use torture and French leaders bomb innocent citizens—The Battle of Algiers provides a brutally honest representation of the kinds of warfare necessary to gain freedom. Check out this film in the Bright Family Screening Room on April 6 @ 6PM.

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