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“You’ve Made A Cuckold Out Of Me” – On Wes Anderson’s Tendency to Write Characters for Bill Murray in Which His Wife Is Cheating On Him


Any profile of Murray written after 2005 is likely to open with a paragraph about Murray’s peculiar antics as of late: firing his agent, surprising strangers on the street, unsolicited bar tending, crashing random parties, and always, how he’s been using an answering machine as his new agent. The perception of Murray as a wandering-magical-novelty-distributor has recently come to a head with this winter’s news that Murray had accidentally captured a bank robber in Japan (after seeing the story posted on Facebook and Twitter ad nauseam one morning I tried to find its original source which traced back to a website called SuperOfficialNews.com which I can assure you delivers very little of any of the three words that make up its website name). The point being, Murray’s career and public persona have taken on a mythical status in which fact often co-mingles with fiction, the stories take on a life of their own and everyone loves to love the Ghostbuster turned elder statesman of Not Caring What You Think Of Him.

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