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MedeaMedea (431 BC)

After Jason returns from his adventure of finding the Golden Fleece, Medea finds herself betrayed by her husband, who plans to abandon this “barbarian” and marry the princess Glauce instead. The day before Medea’s exile, she plots to murder Glauce, Jason, and Glauce’s father, Creon. Disguising poison with gifts, she succeeds in killing Glauce and Creon, and further cripples Jason’s family by planning to kill her own sons.

The Bacchae (405 BC) The Bacchae

Dionysus descends to Thebes because he wishes to avenge his mother’s death, but he becomes doubly angered when he realizes that her nephew, Pentheus, has discouraged the worship of Dionysus amongst the Thebans. Sending his aunts into a possessed frenzy, Dionysus causes them to dismember Pentheus after confusing him for a mountain lion. Vengeful relatives and clouded judgments reign in yet another Euripides classic.

A Thousnad Splendid SunsA Thousand Splendid Suns (2008)

Another heartbreaking story of women coping together during times of warfare, this time in modern day Afghanistan. Through heroism and self-sacrifice, bravery and love, these women prove how friendship can guide you more readily through dark times rather than trying to go about it alone. Their world may be unforgiving, but despite all the suspense with few options of escape, their friendship sees them through this difficult time of loss and escalating dangers. 

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