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The first feature-length documentary to be made in America about the subject, Bully follows a group of students and their families through an entire school year beginning on the first day. This character-driven, cinematic chronicling of the bullying crisis that effects more than 13 million schoolchildren in the US includes stories from parents whose children have committed suicide, a mother who is waiting on her daughter’s court sentencing for bringing a gun to school, and intimate stories from the students themselves. The topic of cyber-bullying and the implications of technology on the new generation are also examined as the film encourages audiences to once and for all take a stand against bullying.

Unknown-1The Life Before Her Eyes (2007)

Uma Thurman and Evan Rachel Wood portray older and younger versions of a young woman who experienced a school shooting in high school. As a teenager, Diana had been the rebel compared to her conservative friend Maureen. Their relationship had been experiencing tension that broke on the day of the shooting. Fifteen years later, Diana is taking her daughter to that same school and sees a sign for a memorial in honor of those who died. What follows is an examination of the traumatic effects of a severely violent event like this as Diana spirals out of control, eventually wondering if she has gone mad or if she is even still alive.

UnknownBowling for Columbine 

The Oscar-winning documentary that put Michael Moore on the map was launched in large part by the Columbine shootings. Frustrated with the incredibly high rate of shootings in the US, the comedian and political provocateur scours the country in search of a reason behind all of the useless violence. Moore conducts interviews with the head of K-Mart where the Columbine shooters bought their ammo and Charles Heston, head of the NRA, in his attempt to delve into the history and politics of gun control in the land of the free that has become out of control. And somehow, he allows his signature brand of dark humor to permeate the project– partially motivated from hilarity, but mostly from sheer disbelief.

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