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UnknownThe Hour I First Believed 
by Wally Lamb (2008)

Caelum and Maureen move to Littleton, Colorado and are both quickly employed as teachers at Columbine High School. While Caelum is away taking care of an ill family member, Maureen finds herself huddled in a cabinet of the school library expecting to be killed by the students on their shooting spree. Miraculously, she survives and they couple moves back to Caelum’s hometown in Connecticut. They both find that though the can run from the tragedy, the effects of the trauma, grief and sadness will follow. Bestselling author Wally Lamb writes one of his most emotionally deep and harrowing works yet, following his book-club favorite She’s Come Undone.

by Stephen King (1974)

Stephen King’s classic horror story of a bullied young woman with telekinetic powers has shocking relevancy in light of the Columbine shootings. As Carrie learns how to control her powers and use them on her peers, she becomes violent in unforeseen ways towards those who bullied her, culminating in the iconic bloodbath scene at prom. Beneath the cultural cache built around the novel and its subsequent film and stage adaptations, King has written a controversial critique of high school bullying long before Columbine became infamous.


columbine-cover-200Columbine by Dave Cullen (2009)

Driven by the questions “Why did Eric and Dylan kill?” and “What became of the survivors ofColumbine?” Dave Cullen literally wrote the book on Columbine. The book breaks down what we know of Dylan and Eric, acknowledging them as two separate, different teenage boys whose personalities were poles apart but were tied together by the monstrous deed. The book also delves into the lives of the survivors and the process of healing individually side by side in a community that was seen by the rest of the world as a single entity. Columbine has won an Edgar Allen Poe Award and is a New York Times Bestseller.

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