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What did you think of Sleeping Beauty?

Thank for joining us for Colla Marionette’s production of Sleeping Beauty.

The Prince

Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

What have your encounters with marionette theater been in the past?

What moments stood out to you?

Are there aspects of this classic story that were surprising to you?

Thanks again for joining us!


  1. Wow! It was astonishing in every way (sets, lighting, marionettes, costumes, music, choreography). My niece (she’s an adult) and I have a love for puppets and marionettes that goes back many years. I saw Basil Twist at Arts Emerson (I believe) a few years back. The Colla Marionette’s are of an entirely different order. Classic, grounded in years of artistic accomplishment and steeped in history. Every element of the production was first-rate, world-class and totally delightful. It truly put the ‘M” back in magical left us feeling lighter than air. What an accomplishment. The sets were wondrous, the costumes fabulous, each individual marionette with their own special features and personality, the lighting was inspired and the music and choreography – flawless. It was truly a wonder. Thanks for bringing it to Boston !!!!
    Recently, we have all seen the reintroduction of 3-D into the movies and have to wear those funny glasses. The sets here were so layered as to create a ‘natural’ 3-D effect that was just astounding and delightful. I can’t praise the experience enough. Bring them back again, please !!!
    Both my niece and I want to ‘run away’ and join the Colla Marionettes !!!

  2. I am happy to have finally witnessed a live marionette show. The marionettes and scenery were absolutely gorgeous. We did find the pacing to be painfully, disappointingly slow—the well-known, dramatic story rendered quite flat. We left at intermission. I hope someone snagged our front row seats.

    Very much enjoyed Godot on Sunday.

  3. Sandra LyonsNovember 16, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Delightful experience. We were three generations — my daughter, two teenage granddaughters and I. One of them commented that she enjoyed the puppets’ gesturing — in the Italian style! Costumes, sets, the English vocal rendition of the story — one of the finest marionette production I’ve ever seen. The historical program notes were also fascinating. Bravissimo!

  4. Laura AlexanderNovember 17, 2013 at 11:34 am

    It was spectacular! Costumes, stage decorations and voices, all were done in excellent way to create a magical atmosphere. I have not seen a puppet show since my childhood, this performance was marvelous. I particularly liked the finale of it – when characters from famous fairy tale stories were parading in their glory of an immediate recognition for their popularity. I very much liked costumes and stage decoration, the wealth of colors and dresses. I left the show wanting to come back. I can imagine what would have done this show to a child’s imagination. Must see one!
    I thank you the Arts Emerson for bringing this show to Boston, and exquisite program this year. One show is better than another. Glad I am a member of this community.

  5. The show was absolutely stunning in every regard. It was amazing how the puppeteers were able to give life to the characters. At times, I forgot we were watching a puppet show. Even our 19 month old daughter sat through the entire show in “awe” the whole time. The costumes, the puppets and the backdrops were incredibly detailed and beautiful. I especially liked how they created the scenes using layers. Please bring the marionette theater back again soon!

  6. It was my first time viewing a staged marionette show and I shared this experience with a friend. The puppets were beautifully costumed and the sets were astonishing. It was so nice to see a simple story told without technical special effects. Being Italian and a student of history, I loved seeing the puppets come to life through the expertise of their handlers. Praise for this art form is justly deserved.

  7. Barbara HeissNovember 18, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    We were enchanted by the initial impression made by the lovely intimate theatre and our excellent seats, but once Sleeping Beauty was under way, we knew we were under a magical spell of a very different kind! The attention to every detail was truly a feast for the eyes from the life-like marionettes, the gorgeous detailed costumes, the exquisite sets layered upon the stage whether lush interiors or forest landscapes and then the classical music and varied voices of the characters. There was plenty to focus on and our great-granddaughter had several questions for us as she watched closely (4 1/2 yrs old). I was amazed by the quality of movement they were able to achieve from the Queen’s protective hand as she senses danger to her baby daughter in the cradle, the leaping frogs, and the sylphs gently kicking their legs while lying on the ground at Harmony’s feet. It WAS magical and we would love to see another story brought to life by these masters. We are spreading the word; please bring them back again!


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