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Mies Julie Production Timeline

From the moment August Strindberg premiered his play Miss Julie in 1889, critics and audiences alike have been reeling from his now-classic tale of the explosion when sexuality and classism meet. The two lovers Jean and Julie (with the dutiful Christine sleep-walking behind them) have been taking the stage in various re-imaginings for over a century. The latest in the Julie canon, Mies Julie, takes Jean (now “John”) and Julie to post-Apartheid South Africa which scorches the Paramount Theater beginning November 30th. Below, we look back at the past century of Miss Julie productions.

1888: August Strindberg writes Miss Julie over the course of two weeks in Denmark.

March 14th, 1889: First production staged at the Copenhagen University Students’ Union in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first production was planned to be staged at Dagmar’s Theater in Copenhagen but was banned by censors.

1904: Max Reinhardt directs the first fully successful production at the Kleines Theater in Berlin, Germany.

September 15th, 1948: The play receives its radio premiere directed by Peter Watts.

1950: A Swedish film of Miss Julie is made, directed by Alf Sjöberg. Wins the 1951 Canne’s Film Festival Grand Prix.

1981: Miss Julie is revived in New York City at the Roundabout Theater Company and by Ingmar Bergman at the Residenztheater in Munich, Germany.

1985: A South-African Miss Julie is adapted at The Baxter Theatre at University of Cape Town and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

1991: Ingmar Bergman stages Miss Julie in Swedish in New York City, USA with support from the Royal Dramatic Theater of Sweden.

1997: Anne Bogart directs a Brechtian/Beckett inspired Miss Julie at the Actors Theater of Louisville in Kentucky, USA.

2009: Patrick Marber premieres his adaptation of Miss Julie, After Miss Julie, in New York City on Broadway, starring Sienna Miller and Johnny Lee Miller at the Roundabout Theatre Company.

September 2012: Juliette Binoche stars in the French adaptation, Mademoiselle Julie, presented by the Barbican Theater in London.

 April 2013: Neil LaBute’s adaptation of Miss Julie premieres at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA.





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Compiled by Kimberly MacCormack, Creative Producer

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