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Edgar Allan Poe — 11 Poe Tales Hosted By Christopher Lee (2006)

Hosted by renowned actor Christopher Lee, this collection of Poe horror stories is sure to bring to life the late poet’s macabre words. Edgar Allan Poe, who prized entertainment, horror, and imagination, would no doubt have been pleased with these intelligent, innovative dramatizations filled with grotesque and provocative images. Stories include The Fall of the House of Usher, The Oval Portrait, Berenice, The Black Cat, Ligeia, The Cask of Amontillado, Mr. Valdemar, he Tell-Tale Heart, Morella, The Pit and the Pendulum, and The Masque of the Red Death, Parts One and Two. 

The Tell-Tale Heart (short, 1953)

The first animated short film to be rated X by the British Film Board of Censors, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” written by Les Adams, is one of the most discussed and imaginative cartoons of the twentieth century. This short film complements Poe’s infamous story beautifully, helping tell the story with even more suspense and drama than the words alone hold. According to UPA, the art style was derived from Eugene Berman, scenic designer and ballet designer of NYC’s Metropolitan Opera.

Edgar Allan Poe — Love, Death and Women (2010)

In his career, Poe created some of the most distinct and dynamic female charactes of his time. His attentiveness to the opposite sex can be attributed to the influence of females on his own life; from his mother to his wife to his mother-in-law to his muse, Poe was always dependednt, in love, or in sorrows over the women in his life.  RED-EYE itself focuses on Poe’s relationship with his late wife and cousin, who haunts him wherever he goes, and his mother-in-law, with whom he keeps steady correspondence and whose letters drive the narrative.


RED-EYE to HAVRE de GRACE will play at the Emerson/Paramount Center Mainstage  from Feb 13-16. For more information and tickets, visit our website here

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