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A New Year. A New Conversation.

Happy New Year!

First off, let me introduce myself: I’m Ryan Walsh, the Marketing & Communications Manager here at ArtsEmerson. You’ll be hearing more from me directly in the ArtsEmerson email newsletters (as well as some of my other wonderful colleagues).

As we kick off the new year with our fearless new leaders, David Dower and Polly Carl, we’re going to be trying a bunch of new things in how we approach our work (for more insight from these two great minds, check out Polly’s New Year’s message here). For the rest of the 2014/15 Season, we are making a New Year’s Resolution to:

1) Make more tickets available at affordable prices
2) Remove ArtsEmerson’s ticket and order fees
3) Improve our website and make it easier to buy a ticket
4) Send fewer emails (and only those you want to receive)
5) Invest in building new audiences

Sound intriguing? There’s more to it, and we’ve expanded on the five points here.

Have any feedback or comments? We’d like to hear from you! You can comment below and also email us at feedback@artsemerson.org and we’ll definitely read your message and respond to as many notes as we can, as well.

Looking forward to continuing our conversation—on stage, in emails, in person— throughout the coming months.


Ryan Walsh
Marketing & Communications Manager


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