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All I need to know about sex and love I learned at ArtsEmerson

1. Sex: every single living creature on the planet does it— well, except for super rare exceptions where reproduction happens without fertilization (shout out to the water flea!). No one knows all of this better than Isabella Rossellini and her new one-woman Zoology lesson Green Porno. It’s appropriate that this short run (February 13 – 15), featuring one of the coolest movie stars alive today, will occur right in the epicenter of Valentine’s Day. We think you’ll find it’s the perfect dose of kinky and science, which will in turn make for both happy dates and hilarious, anti-V-Day solo missions. One reporter called it: “Sort of like Sesame Street for the kinky set” Nuff said.

2. Love: sometimes it breaks bad and there’s no avoiding it. Take a love triangle, add forbidden desires, broken hearts and tender truths and you’ve got yourself a romantic tragedy brewing. Why do we love these stories so much? Is it the same reason why we dream of being attacked by wild animals? Some kind of subconscious preparation for the wild possibilities in life? Or, behind the tears, is there some kind of pleasure derived out every tear-stained eye? It’s an uncomfortable question, one that Kneehigh’s Tristan & Yseult surprisingly turns into a celebration and explores thoroughly. All investigators in the field of love: please report for duty March 5th through the 15th to help us work towards the answer.

3. Avoiding sex & love always fails. Don’t believe me? Well, do you trust a guy named William Shakespeare on the topic? Well, Love’s Labour’s Lost is a pitch-perfect exploration of such an attempt to eschew the sweet, the romantic and the sexy, and you might guess what happens next. And the best part, we’ve got a hi-def cinematic capture of The Royal Shakespeare Co. rendition of the play projected on our big screen over at The Paramount CenterMarch 6th through the 8th.

4. Singing helps. Whether love is thriving or crumbling, whether lust is in bloom or dead on the vine, and whether romance is in the air or on the Chinatown Bus headed as far away as possible, the power of music can help us through any current situation related to the heart. We’ll host two nights of Concerts in March that will feature no shortage of singing about the topic. Here’s a fun experiment: listen to one of March 6’s acts, Hallelujah The Hills’ “Do You Have Romantic Courage?” back to back with March 7’s Marissa Nadler’s song “Nothing in My Heart.”  See? That’s like a conversation happening inside of a swirl of guitar and piano melodies, and doesn’t that sort of help?


Enjoy the snow/show!


Ryan Walsh

Marketing & Communications Manager

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