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Emerson Black & White Ball

TRISTAN: Si c’est bien c’est blanc – si non, c’est noir.
WHITEHANDS: The ship will hoist a white sail if she is coming,
a black sail if she is not.
TRISTAN: Noir ou blanc? Noir ou blanc?

Months before each production in our season appears on our stages, the staff at ArtsEmerson conducts a Page One Conversation with the artists involved. A Page One Conversation is exactly what it sounds like – an opportunity for us all to get on the same page about their production coming to ArtsEmerson. In these conversations, we ask the artists about the seeds of the piece – the why and the what – but we also ask them to define their vision of success while they are in Boston.


When we spoke with Emma Rice and Paul Crewes of Kneehigh, they both emphasized how much the original impulse of the production to was to create an environment that felt like a party from start to finish. In an effort to honor their desires and harness the excitement coming from Emerson students surrounding the show, we at the Office of the Arts are teaming up with two student organizations to host a Black & White Ball for the Emerson student body following the first performance.


This is a first for us – an event that is inspired by one of our productions here at ArtsEmerson but made by and for Emerson Students!


Thursday March 5th, immediately following the performance of Tristan & Yseult

Jackie Liebergott Black Box, Paramount Center

Hosted by ArtsEmersonKappa Gamma Chi and 5 Cent Sound Magazine


It’s almost spring break, put down the books, get dressed up, and dance the night away at this one-night-only TRISTAN & YSEULT after-party dance!


Come fall in love with the show, a guest of your choosing, or the music on March 5th.


But first, help us spread the love: invite a friend or your crush to come rush TRISTAN & YSEULT with you and we’ll do the rest.


Step One:  Find us!


Over the next two weeks, we will be tabling in different location all over campus.  Let us know who you want to invite to rush Kneehigh’s production of TRISTAN & YSEULT at ArtsEmerson’s Cutler Majestic with and where we can find them on campus the next week.


Step Two: Give your friends candy and invitations!


That person will get a Candygram sent to them with a personal invitation to come rush TRISTAN & YSEULT with you on March 5th and join us for the students Black & White After Party in the JLBB. (We’ve already sent 4 to Glen Coco)


Step Three: Get your party on!


You and your friend get your free student rush tickets to TRISTAN & YSEULT on March 5th, see the show, then join us with your invitation to the Black & White Ball.  Where DJ Pauline Hevia will make it a night to remember!


Dress up and join us to dance our way into Spring Break. 
Join the Facebook event and get updates on where to catch us for the candygrams!

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