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How is Your Heart?

Thank you for attending Tristan & Yseult! We are so proud to be presenting this production from a company we have long admired. Now that you have seen it, I can’t help but ask, how is your heart?

Director Emma Rice said to the Boston Globe, “[The story] doesn’t say, ‘You should not love two people.’ Everybody is doing their best in the human mess that is love, and I love it for that.” How did you respond to the story? Did Kneehigh’s approach to this medieval myth illuminate aspects of the story that you were not expecting?

If you’re as stuck on the agony and ecstasy of love as we are, check out this blog series written by our own MaryBeth Makara.



  1. Once again Emerson has outdone itself. Each performance I see, I think, “this one tops those before.” But the fact is, every performance is so unique and excellent that they really can’t be compared to each other. Tristan and Yseult was phenomenal, from the quality of acting, singing and dancing, to the profound prose and thoughtful play between humor and sadness. Just amazing.

    • Thank you so much for writing, Carole! This is precisely what we are up to here and it’s great to see people coming to understand us. We are not looking to repeat ourselves, so much as we are to offer distinctive, diverse, and powerful experiences of the world on stage. The core audience of ArtsEmerson is starting to develop an identity as well– people like yourself who come ready for the unexpected, up for the adventure, and ready to talk about it afterwards. We are slowly but surely building an audience as interested in exploring the richness of our world as we are. It’s exciting to see it growing! Hope you’ll keep writing to let us know how we’re doing.

  2. Fabulous! Hysterically funny and shockingly moving!

  3. R authierMarch 9, 2015 at 8:21 am

    Truly outstanding entertaining special!!!

  4. Campy, but not cheap. Shakespearian, but not Shakespeare. Gripping, intense, and personal. A roller-coaster stunning performance. The modern approach felt so medieval. Here, what’s old is truly new again! Shall I go on?! I am a deeply, madly in love newlywed who still has love for past lovers, as does my lover, and we loved this show. Thank you!!

  5. We loved this piece by Kneehigh, they never disappoint.
    First saw them at the BAC with The Red Shoes and again
    in Brief Encounter in London.

    So refreshing, inventive, engrossing…what LIVE theatre does best.
    So glad Arts Emerson brought them here, please come back.

  6. Far too much slapstick for what could have been a meaningful drama about love. Everything was overdone, it lacked any sense of subtlety. This might have been shortened and then been suitable for SNL. Otherwise, much sound and fury, signifying …. .

  7. It was maddening (teetering sometimes on self-conscious cute-ness: someday, someone will tell me about those glasses and those windbreakers), stunning (very single one of the performances, not to mention the music), and, finally, enormously moving. The last half-hour or so said, and showed, whatever needs to be said or shown about love, its definitions and depictions. And finally, the toy ships: AE should put on a toy-ship festival featuring Knee-high and Pigpen Theater Company.


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