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That’s SO ArtsEmerson

“That was SO ArtsEmerson”

This is something audiences often exit our theatres saying, which begs the question, “How can so many people say the same thing about such wildly different shows?” Nothing encapsulates the answer to that question better than the upcoming stage, screen and music programming we’ll present over the next month. Although it’s sometimes difficult to connect these events via direct themes or genres, they all do belong here at ArtsEmerson. Unexpected, magical, enlightening, controversial….whatever adjective you think best describes our work, we are so honored to present stories that are entirely unique, and entirely us. April’s schedule makes an extremely compelling case for the variety which makes ArtsEmerson whole. Let’s take a look at the evidence:


Exhibit A.  It’s 1949 and you are crossing over the Atlantic Ocean. You are movie director Jean Cocteau, or perhaps jazz musician Miles Davis. On second thought, maybe you’re both. Legendary Canadian artist Robert Lepage (The Andersen Project) returns with a reimagined version of his acclaimed Needles and Opium, a cinematic exploration of art, love and addiction, still as relevant as when it premiered twenty years ago. For fans of David Lynch, film noir, jazz and historical fiction, you won’t find anything like this anywhere else.


Exhibit B. You’re in prison. You’re an Israeli-Arab lit teacher nicknamed Ulysses and your case has just been accepted, pro bono, by a successful Israeli-Jewish attorney. Winner of Israel Theater Prize’s Best Original Play in 2012, Gilad Evron’s Ulysses on Bottles examines lives in conflict as it receives its North American premiere from Boston’s own Israeli Stage. Featuring the acting talents of local favorites Jeremiah Kissel, Will Lyman, Karen MacDonald, Ken Cheeseman and Daniel Berger-Jones, Ulysses on Bottles proceeds with humor, powerful insight, and raises profound questions about absolute morality and personal freedom. If you’re a fan of conversation-igniting theatre, this is an absolute must-see.

Exhibit C. A weekend of concerts inside The Paramount Centre. Mere months ago, we weren’t presenting any music in our programming, but an experiment in January has led to two successful weekends of local bands inside our black box space, and audiences have been having LOTS of fun.  During the first weekend of May, we’ll present glam bands, indie-rock, folk singers and a very special opening act in Anne Malin (a current student of Emerson College!).


Exhibit D. Whether you call Shakespeare’s 11th play Much Ado About Nothing or Love’s Labour’s Won, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Downton Abbey-esque productions captured on film are high-spirited perfection. We screened Love’s Labour’s Lost last month and everyone loves a sequel, so come out for this showing of The Bard on screen!

p.s. SAVE THE DATE – On May 7th we’re planning a 2014/15 Season Preview event that you’re not going to want to miss. Standby for more details!

Ryan Walsh
Marketing & Communications Manager

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