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Tell us about your adventure with Ernest Shackleton!

Thanks for joining us for Ernest Shackleton Loves Me! Now that your skype session is over and everyone has gone back through the freezer from whence they came – how are you feeling?


Kat gets through her tough times with the help of Shackleton reminding her of the wisdom and strength within. How do you get through hardships? What historical figures inspire you to push forward?


Lets end with a bit of fun. No matter what happened, Shackleton carried his banjo to boost moral in his crew. Were you to go on a journey from which you may never return – what would you bring?



  1. Historical figures that get me through hard times? Jim Henson. I know, not too historical, but still – whenever you need to be reminded it’s worth it to keep dreaming, watch anything of his (plus, he would totally have muppets coming out of your freezer).

    What to bring on a journey from which you might never return? Let’s go with a book of poems, bottle of bourbon and a teleport.


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