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Let’s talk about JOY!

Thank you for attending our production of Daniel Beaty’s Mr. Joy. There is a lot to process in this story – some of it to be delicately considered – others to be celebrated with abandon. Either way, it’s clear to me that the performance is Act 1, the conversation that we have following each performance is Act 2, and the way we carry the ideas into the world is Act 3.


What connects for your neighborhood? Is there a place everyone goes?


What have you inherited in your neighborhood or your community? How does it challenge you? How does it make you stronger?


Where do you see joy in your daily life? What are the ways you can reach out to people around you and create more opportunities for joy?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments section!


  1. The performance was absolutely amazing!!! I enjoyed the show so much that Ienjoyed the show so much that if my schedule allows I will go see it again!

    I am speading the word to everyone I know that this show is a must see!!
    Best $25 dollars I ever spent in my adult life!!

  2. The performance was utterly amazing! I was elated and brought to tears. I would see this Play again! You are a great Actor! We will see much more of you on the Stage and on the “Big” Screen. Peace to you my Sistah! Well done…:)

  3. Arthur McRaeOctober 15, 2015 at 8:58 pm

    Rarely is an entertainment as timely, enlightening, inspiring and enjoyable all at once. Brilliant play and superbly performed. We loved it and were moved by it. A lot of fun, yet cause for serious reflection.

  4. t was thought provoking, honest,funny,sad, tense, puzzling, raw and all the more absolutely amazing! Tangela Large, the young and talented actress who portrayed all nine of these characters deserves every high award in the books, she was perfect and phenomenal
    At the end of the show,the director invited the audience to stay to have an open dialogue about the play. one of the questions he asked was if anyone felt hopeful after seeing the play. I answered yes because plays like these allow us to understand other people’s narratives. It allows us to listen, I mean really listen to the voices of unsung human beings that the media often dehumanizes. It allows us to have difficult conversations regarding race, class, injustice, inequality and issues happening in our own background in order to create actions that fix these issues. It allows us to understand the root of the cause rather than criticize.it allows us to understand ourselves. It allows us to talk and understand how connected we are. It allows us to one day HOPEFULLY make changes that will stick!
    I am so beyond grateful and continue to be inspired by artists like Daniel, like Tangela like the director in the entire crew that created such a masterpiece to really open up people’s ears eyes and hearts to what’s going on in our world.


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