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Searching for Boston’s Mr. Joy


For the run of Mr. Joy, we’ve had a place in the lobby for folks to let us know who their Mr. Joy is. The answers have been illuminating and powerful. Meanwhile, we’ve expanded that search far beyond our lobby, too.





Earlier this week, our for Boston’s Mr. Joy took us to Wally’s Jazz Cafe and Bobby from Boston’s vintage clothing shop. These video interviews with these proprietors are just as engaging and moving as the story found in Daniel Beaty’s Mr. Joy.


Praise for Mr. Joy 


“I was so immersed in this piece in a way that I haven’t been in a piece of theater in a long time.” –Jared Bowen, WGBH


“Exhorts us to pay attention: to racial and economic injustice, to a generation of young men who feel adrift and forgotten, and to our common humanity, too often overlooked in the struggle of daily life.” – The Boston Globe


“Mr. Joy is able to tackle, with pathos and humor, what is uncomfortable and shameful in today’s society.” – Boston Events Insider


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