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What did you think of Chopin with Piano!


Thank you for joining us for Chopin without Piano!


This piece is unlike anything we’ve produced here before and we could not be more excited. It comes at you like a speeding train and in our experience, everyone takes away something different from the experience of seeing it.


What did you take away? Is there an American equivalent of Chopin, who has been tamed by time and history?


Thanks again for joining!

1 Comment

  1. JUdith DeutschNovember 16, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    I was more than amazed when I saw The Magic Flute last year. it might have been the 10th or 12 production I have seen, including at the Met, and it was by far the best.
    I was not amazed at Carmen. I knew enough to expect a wonderful production, and it was. From my perspective, Bizet’s music isn’t nearly as good as Mozart’s, but the Carmen production was great. The singing, dancing and acting were superb. I wish I had time to see The Midsummer’s Night Dream, and I hope that Isango will back to Boston next year.


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