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What Did You Think Of The Wong Kids?

Thank you for joining us for Ma-Yi’s production of The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra GO! We hope you enjoyed your experience traveling to the edge of the universe and back. Please take a moment to share you thoughts in the comments!

1. Do you remember the first time you felt like you had to be a grown up?
2. Is it harder to collaborate with family or friends?
3. If you could have a lame super power, what would it be?
4. Are you a Violet or a Bruce?

Thanks again!


  1. When I see “puppets” in the description of a theatre offering, I am there. We came to the Wong Kids with no real expectations and ended up absolutely loving it. The puppets were hilariously inventive (for some reason, the two talking rocks come to mind as well as outer space). The production values were outstanding, the two leads were just right, and the cast was excellent across the board. The only small complaint was a lag with the frumious bandersnatch interaction – it went on too long. Costume was great, but the sketch was sleep-inducing. We appreciated that the Wong kids were not cute/sweet but very contemporary in body language and style. Bruce was hilariously nerdy and Violet was perfectly thirteen and adorable. My favorite cast member in addition to Bruce was the guru with the blond “do” who later played the dragon. All in all, it was a witty production with a nice message for kids navigating the mean streets of childhood.

  2. michael connorFebruary 21, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    I have seen The Wong Kids productions in Minneapolis and New York, as well as last night in Boston. They have gotten better with each telling. Lloyd has written a gem, and the production companies have created beautiful – and hilarious – shows. There’s gotta be a National Tour!!

  3. Thank you. We had a terrific time, the sound, stage and lighting design are all 1st rate. Hands down favorite has to be the dragon.


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