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What Did You Think Of Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary

Thank you for joining us for Daughter of a Cuban Revolutionary by Marisa Chibas! So, te acuerdas?

Many of us grow up hearing the stories of those who came before us. For some it’s our parents’ lives when they were young, others hear of that distant cousin who won the lottery, maybe a neighbor who fought City Hall.

What localized legends did you grow up hearing about?

How does family or community history inform our present and future?

What do you do to keep history alive – to avoid the erasure of those who came before us?


1 Comment

  1. Eduardo MartiMay 2, 2016 at 11:16 am

    I identified with the stories so beautifully acted by Merissa Chibas. When I was 17, I too was distributing pamphlets for the Directorio Revolucionario; I, too, left Cuba in 1960. I remember the day when Eddy Chibas committed suicide on air…I was 10 and remember how the whole country mourned…in anticipation of the horrible years that were to come. Melissa did a wonderful job of capturing the recent Cuban history in a very personal way.

    Thank you for the memories….. Viva Cuba Libre!


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