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Welcome to the Re-Launch of the ArtsEmerson Blog!

Here at ArtsEmerson we’re excited, challenged, and inspired by just how much there is to talk about in the world. To help foster an ongoing conversation about the things we care deeply about, we’ve created a series of programs including the Public Dialogues and the Play Reading Book Club to create space for people to share their perspectives and individual experiences  – but there’s still so much more to be said.

Over the course of the 2015/2016 season we began expanding our blog to be more than just further reading about the artists and stories on our stages. We want the ArtsEmerson blog to be a place for conversation and information – featuring offerings from a wider pool of writers that delve into not only the content of our season but the content of our lives. And thanks to our web designer, we’ve got a slick new look to hold it all. New features include recommended articles at the bottom of every article, and a search function to help you find topics on whatever your interest might be. From restaurant recommendations to the current state of Hungarian Politics and beyond, find it all here on the ArtsEmerson Blog. Get a head start by checking some of our favorite posts from the archive.

The only way for this vision of the blog to be fully realized is for you to talk back. Comment, share, stop us in the lobbies and tell us what you’re reading or what you feel is missing. It’s a conversation that we will expand together.

Let’s get talking!

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