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What’s the buzz on Cuisine & Confessions?


A summer smash in Paris, Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Montreal and Moscow, Cuisine & Confessions, the latest from the world-famous circus The 7 Fingers, celebrates its U.S. premiere with a strictly-limited engagement in Boston this summer. But don’t take our word that you’re going to love C & C, here’s some advance press on the show to whet your appetite!


“We’re really using the acrobatics to actually tell the story”

“If you see the cooks in a big kitchen in a restaurant, it looks like they are doing choreography. And probably they are, but they don’t [think of it like that]. For us, it’s the same way.”


“It was like creating a meal. Food is central to all of our lives. The memories we explore in our performance are universal memories we can all share.”

“We, as humans, can go beyond our limits in our explorations, and that we can experience palpable joy.”


“The acrobatics are the vehicles for telling a story. They’re very expressive”

WGBH Boston Public Radio Feature

“‘We are doing acrobatics, and dance, and storytelling, and song, and cooking on stage, and even sharing that food with the audience. So, it is a bit unique in that sense,’ said Shana Carroll, the creator of Cuisine and Confessions and the founding artistic director for The 7 Fingers.”

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