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It’s a Match!

This “scruffy and endearing bunch” is wooing Boston audiences on and off the stage. Here’s a little more information on the five guys leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

The choice is now yours, swipe right or swipe left to find your perfect match!

Are you into charm and soft smiles?


My ideal first date would be on a lovely fall evening as the sun sets, accompanied with wine and delicious food. I’m a charmer, and if you want to know what a night out on the town with me is like, you have to come see Machine de Cirque before it closes.

Languages I Speak:  French and English



Looking for a night of endless fun and hysterical laughter?

Laughter is nature’s best medicine! Looking for someone to be imperfectly perfect with!   

Languages I Speak: French, English, and conversational German.


Here’s proof that there are hot nice guys out there!

I believe in encompassing strength and agility with grace and poise.  

Languages I speak: French and English


No Shave November…all year long!


Musician, aspiring comedian, Beard Game enthusiast. Music brings us all together. I love bringing the audience together through my percussion and industrial sounds.

Languages I speak: French and English and also the universal language of music.

Totally go for the attractive mysterious guy!

Not everything needs to be exact and concrete. Life needs a little mystery and distortion to keep it interesting.  

Languages I Speak:  French and English


Machine de Cirque MUST close Sunday! Don’t wait, swipe right and get your tickets now.

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