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What did you think of How to Be a Rock Critic?

Erik Jensen in “How to be a Rock Critic.” Photo by Craig Schwartz

Thank you for joining us for How to Be a Rock Critic. We hope you enjoyed your visit with Lester.

Were you familiar with Lester Bangs before coming to the show tonight?
Is there are critic whose opinion you value and whose writing you follow?
What do you feel is the most overrated album of all time?

There’s so much to pull from the writings of Lester Bangs partially because there’s so much to say about the role music (and art in general) plays in our lives. The thoughts of critics like Lester can help us take one step further by contextualizing art in the culture, even if only by making us defend our own interpretation. If you’re interested in the conversation around criticism – our friends over at HowlRound have a wealth of published articles far beyond what we could highlight in the program. Take a look!


  1. Bill LattanziMay 12, 2017 at 9:58 am

    Such a beautiful and sad story and performance. Wonderfully constructed and subtly played. In a show that could have been all bombast and easy humor, this was so touching. A much larger story than I expected, both an insightful psychological study of character and an incisive social commentary. Lester emerges as a kind of martyr of teenager-dom, and of innocence. In the words of the J. Geils Band, he must have got lost, somewhere down the line.

  2. Every tweet is a music journalist. It was refreshing to hear the ghost of rock journalism and feel the legacy come alive.

  3. Enjoyed the play — would have liked to have seen another 30 minutes built into the script. Jensen was great, in spirit and physically — although I thought there were 2 moments when he seemed to back track with his lines (to get the sequence right). Regardless, when I come to a play and want to read, think, and listen more — how great is that.


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