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ArtsEmerson Goes to Circus School!

My dreams of running away with the circus finally came true…well, at least for an afternoon. I walked into Aircraft Aerial Arts, unfamiliar with how to perform anything remotely circus and walked out feeling extremely hopeful, energized and very, very sore. I’ve always wondered how Circus acrobats hone their strength and agility to perform those breathtaking acts, how they make something impossible seem very easy. Now I know, and my level of respect for their prowess is now sky high.

Marci and the Aircraft Aerial Arts team gave us a warm welcome and calmed any fears or doubts we had. Providing a safe and inclusive space, Marci assured us that circus was for everybody of every body type; she was open to teaching us whatever we wanted to learn that day.

After assessing our skills and backgrounds, we dove into warm ups and stretches so that our bodies could be loose and limber; Ramona and I were eager to learn acrobatic stunts, silks and trapeze. These were the skills we’ve seen the members of The 7 Fingers do on our stages many times. Marci guided us through these stunts, pushing us to try new and different things, watching us go from “I don’t think I can do this”, to jumping for joy and giving high fives at our accomplishments.

Circus is truly a beautiful art form that requires as much mental strength as it does physical. Having had just a taste of what it’s like to train for the circus, I now have a bigger appreciation for the artists that take the stage so many nights a week to provide great entertainment. I’m excited to talk to the Reversible cast about my new skills. Who knows, maybe they will let me be an alternate for one of their routines?

– Todd McNeel, Marketing Fellow

SEP 6  – 24 at The Emerson Paramount Theatre

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