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Discovering HOME at ArtsEmerson

This Summer the company of Home took over the RJO for a few weeks in June to develop the show for its world premiere. There was a lot of buzz around the office about what the experience of the show would be – and how a concept so broad as a home might fit onto a stage. After a few performances for invited guests, blog contributor Kat Klein had this to say: 

While watching Home we are brought into the beautiful world and imagination of Geoff Sobelle and his appreciation for the objects that surround and hold our lives. Throughout the 90 minutes we see the lifecycle of a house, filled with clown and magic. Part of the reason this show is so beautiful is that it simply and honestly holds a mirror up to nature. One of my favorite things about this show is that it feels like someone watched you go through your day and then zoomed in on one moment they thought was beautiful. There is incredible intimacy because it isn’t a crazy motion or action or incredibly compelling plot point, it is just the simple act of getting in and out of the shower, or the way that we run through our morning. There is a beautiful moment dedicated to lighting how the sun rises when we are all asleep and the house is still and covered in a golden light. This show is dedicated to the magic in running up and down the stairs, in the ways we let our homes hold us when we have had a bad day. All the intimate moments, shared between us and the walls in our house. Because the workshop was during the summer, there were a lot of spare students and recent alumn floating around Boston looking for creative outlets, so we invited them to come join the party. Here is what they had to say:

Home brought me into a world of simple magic. How beautiful it is to watch humans live, and then how special it is to get to join someone’s life, even if only for a moment looking up at the constellations together.”- Jane Reagan  

Home was one of the most magical times I’ve ever had at the theater. I felt all at once connected to the artists, the audience, and the story itself. The artists, through incredible generosity, show you their sense of home while asking you to insert your own memories. I left feeling warmth and nostalgia for all the places I’ve gotten to call home.”- Dallis Seeker

“Activates the imagination until reality literally takes over”- Sam Terry

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