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Feeling the Distance of Syria

“Kiss begins on a set. In all of Guillermo’s plays he’s playing on our willingness to suspend our disbelief. Guillermo Calderón grew up in the Pinochet era in Chile. He knows, firsthand, the calamity that lurks in the shadows where empathy has failed and the dangers of comfortably distancing ourselves from the problems of others. Through his young, earnest, committed protagonists he calls us all to mind that gap. What will it take to truly connect across it? What casualties will befall those stranded on the other side in the meanwhile? Guillermo does not try to make you feel the plight of Syria (Gardens Speak, on the Robert J. Orchard Stage does that). Guillermo makes you feel the distance.” – David Dower, director of Kiss.


Check out the trailer starring cast member Deedee Elbieh:


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