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Syria, Chile, & The Limits of Theatre: A Discussion with the Author and Director of Kiss


In Kiss, Chilean playwright and director Guillermo Calderón brings his masterful sensibility to an intense, tightly wound story where naiveté can turn out to be the kiss of death. The author visited the Boston rehearsals in October of 2017 to talk about this powerful new play with director David Dower. Press play to watch the whole conversation; excerpts from Calderón’s answers below.


“My way [to do this] was to make a play about the possibility of making a play. The play is about the conflict in Syria, but it is also about theatre making.”

“Theatre has an obligation to push as far as it can in order to reach what it’s meant to reach.”

“I always knew I need to give a voice to a person from Syria on the stage. I wouldn’t do this play without the Syrian voice in it.”

“I’m actively trying to give the scandal of war a new platform”

“Every time I talk with a Syrian, they talk about the culture in very beautiful terms, sadly, that has been taken away from the country. Because now we associate Syria with war and violence.”

“To me, it was really important to portray this culture as a culture of love.”



Don’t miss Kiss, a brilliant play-within-a-play from Chilean playwright Guillermo Calderón.

OCT 26 – NOV 18 in Boston. Get tickets now: http://bit.ly/2v89YHQ

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