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Albert Camus – Key Dates


Albert Camus penned L’État de siège (The State of Siege) almost directly in the middle of his celebrated writing career. How many works by this Nobel Prize winning author have you read? Let us know the Camus works that have stuck with you in the comments. This rare staging of Camus’ work is only in Boston for three days, so don’t miss your chance to see it!

Born: November 7, 1913, in Mondovi (now Dréan), near Bône (now Annaba), Algeria
Died: January 4, 1960, in Villeblevin, France, in a car accident
1957: Nobel Prize in Literature

• L’Envers et l’Endroit [The Wrong Side and The Right Side] (1937), an essay
• Caligula (first version, 1938), a play in four acts
• Noces [Nuptials] (1939), (Nuptials at Tipasa, The Wind at Djemila, Summer in Algiers,
The Desert)
• Le Mythe de Sisyphe [The Myth of Sisyphus] (1942), an essay on the absurd
• L’Étranger [The Stranger/The Outsider] (1942), a novel
• Le Malentendu [The Misunderstanding] (1944), a play in three acts
• La Peste [The Plague] (1947) (Prix de la critique, 1948), a novel
• L’État de siège [State of Siege] (1948), a play in 3 parts
• Les Justes [The Just Assassins] (1949), a play in five acts
• Actuelles I, Chroniques 1944–1948 (1950)
• L’Homme révolté [The Rebel] (1951), an essay
• Actuelles II, Chroniques 1948–1953 (1953)
• L’Été [Summer] (1954), a collection of eight essays (1939-1953)
• La Chute [The Fall] (1956), a novel
• L’Exil et le Royaume [Exile and The Kingdom] (1957), short stories
• Réflexions sur la peine capitale [Reflections on the Death Penalty] (1957) by Arthur Koestler & Albert Camus
• Réflexions sur la guillotine [Reflections on the Guillotine] (1957)
• Actuelles III, Chroniques algériennes, 1939–1958 [Actuelles III, Algerian Chronicles, 1939–1958] (1958)




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