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The Boston Globe previews “magic” Cold Blood, runs this week only!

In ‘Cold Blood,’ sleight of hand creates a different kind of magic

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows into the soul. But for the husband-and-wife team of Belgian film director Jaco Van Dormael and renowned choreographer Michele Anne De May, our hands may be the body’s most elemental form of expression. That idea has been brought to lyrical life in “Cold Blood,” a singular theater-dance-cinema hybrid, arriving in Boston this week, that employs inventive hand choreography to represent the people populating their enchanting dollhouse worlds.

“There’s something they do that imbues these hands with some level of character, so we can actually forget that it’s literally just a hand and not a whole life and a whole person there,” says David Dower, the artistic director of ArtsEmerson, which is presenting “Cold Blood” at the Cutler Majestic Theatre May 30-June 3.




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  1. Sumru ErkutJune 4, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Kudos to ArtsEmerson for bringing this creative piece of choreography and cinematography one watches happening onstage, simultaneously projected onto a larger screen. The show’s format expands the mind about what is possible to accomplish on stage. Exceptionally inventive. I could barely contain my joy over watching such ingenious choices the creators made as the show began and the hands started moving. I loved it. I would have cut off about 15-30 seconds from some of the more repetitive scenes. Without a full story line there isn’t so much to capture the mind after one is awed at the artistic and clever movement of the fingers and use of miniature scenery.


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