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What Did You Think of Cold Blood?

Thank you for joining us for Cold Blood by Astragales! From the day we opened Kiss and Cry we have been anticipating the return of this company. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Peggy FogelmanMay 31, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Cold Blood was the most imaginative, whacky, and wonderful production I have seen this season. From the tap-dancing fingers to the exquisite visual effects to the dreamscape projections, I encourage everyone to see it–you will not be disappointed!

  2. Amazing, so different from anything I’ve seen and so happy I had the opportunity to experience it! If you have the chance, GO!!!!

  3. One of the most entertaining events I’ve attended. There’s a dose of dark humor, amazing songlist and completely original and perfectly executed production. Astragales is new to me, but will not be forgotten. I highly recommend this show.

  4. Today is the final show. If you can, go see it! We also saw Kiss and Cry that introduced us to the unique art form of live, analog movie-making and choreography of the hands. Part of the beauty is seeing the live performers and technicians as they create the magical scenes that you see filmed by live camera. Particularly touching is the duet for a couple at a bar table (reminiscent of my own choreography “Cameo”) set downstage right, therefore close to the audience. Although the text is “about” death, it is hardly gloomy. In fact it is downright humorous at times. Don’t let the title put you off. The translation from French to perfect idiomatic English is excellent. Although I couldn’t find music credits, Schubert, Ravel, and Bowie add to the atmosphere.

  5. Kim LeonardJune 4, 2018 at 9:36 am

    I was amazed, amused and deeply touched by this show, which was hands-down the most creative and beautiful piece of performance art I’ve ever seen. My only disappointment is that I saw it on closing day, as I certainly would have gone again, dragging everyone I know with me.

  6. Truly novel creative works are rare, thus I was mesmerized by the scenes that unfolded during Cold Blood. I had never imagined anything like that before. A bit like a magician showing you how they do a beautiful magic trick, I could see what the special effects produced on screen and how they were creating them, but my mind still couldn’t connect the two. I will look out for my next chance to see a performance by Astragales.


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