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“Born For This is one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen!”



When the first iteration of Born For This played last summer at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA, the show’s creators were curious how the new musical would be received; audience feedback was still a crucial part of the show’s development process. Those who were lucky enough to catch the first glimpses of Born For This were asked to share their feedback via an anonymous survey.

While asking for critique can be a daunting experience, the creators soon discovered that their story–BeBe Winans’ amazing true-life story–was reaching people on a deep, visceral emotional level.

Here are some highlights from the early reactions to Born For This:

“I was so full of emotion when I left. I don’t remember leaving a theatre feeling so full!”

“One of my friends who has been in the business for fifty years said it was the best play he had ever seen. I was deeply engaged with the story. I remembered when Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were on TV as a child and wondered why Tammy was crying with runny mascara all the time. Now I know. All my emotions were stimulated during this play. I cried, laughed, and was thoroughly entertained.  I am truly a fan of BeBe and CeCe now.”

“Most plays have one, maybe two standout performances. This play is so well written, directed and musically scored, you will have a hard time choosing a favorite. Wow! ‘Born For This’ is the show to see for a memorable lifetime experience.”


As they kept reading, a theme appeared. People weren’t just moved by the remarkable story of teenage BeBe and CeCe Winans, but also were often commenting on the production value and talent of each of the performers. It was evident that this show meant something deep to each audience member.

OMG! Honestly one of the best stage plays I’ve ever seen. It left a giant impact on my life.

“This was a production to end all productions! It was a real, brilliant and stirring. Born For This should be bound for the Broadway stage!”

Born For This is one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen!

Above and beyond all I had imagined. Each of the performers are stars in their own right. Such talent. If the play goes on Broadway, it will be historically recognized. This is a masterpiece!

Over-the-top AMAZING! Some incredibly talent, doing some wonderful story-telling. That actors are Broadway caliber – each and every one of them. This show is a definite ‘must-see!’ You will thank me later…


We can’t wait to hear what you’ll have to say after seeing Born For This: A New Musical Join us JUN 15th -JUL 15th at the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre.





  1. Whole I loved the singing and the idea of the Bebe and Cece story, I found the play itself rather uneventful. It was more like the “Kim & Tammy” shows. I understand they gave the Wynans their start, but the play had more details of them than B and C. 99% of the emotional responses came from the Bakers not the Wynans. There were areas of their lives that I felt would have helped paint more of a picture of there journey buy were not developed. Also, the set was rather distracting . The livingroom backdrop was if the outside of a house, which was very off-putting.

  2. The show was incredible. Bebe’s voice was miraculous! As a long-time Winans fan, the behind the scenes insight was eye opening and the racial tension behind the PTL start revealing. It was also inspiring to see young artists that received their Fair share of earnings through wise negotiations. Well- done!! Will see again!!

  3. Walter Danny HarrisJune 27, 2018 at 11:03 am

    I really enjoyed the entire production,the only think of note was BeBe’s I’ll fitting wardrobe it appears no expense was spared on wardrobe until his outfits, I seems like they were made for someone else who had to dropout suddenly and he stepped in at the last minute. This play is about him he should have star treatment down to his shoes. (that his pants were overhanging on)


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