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Hamnet Opening Night: The Audience Speaks

Based on the opening night reactions, Shakespeare’s forgotten son won’t be forgotten for much longer. Hamnet runs NOW – OCT 7. Get tickets now! 

“ABSOLUTELY stunning & gorgeous.” – @TankWitch

“Haunting, funny, and complex. Brilliantly performed and staged.” – @BrianJPick

“It was otherworldly and so beautiful!”
“It was amazing, I want to see it again.”
“What a great performance, loved the video effects.”

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  1. Thanks, New England Independent Review Awards, 2019, for recognizing Ollie West’s brilliant one man performance of Shakespeare’s only son HAMNET! I’m happy to say I saw every performance; it was amazing, beguiling and so sweet. Thanks, Emerson Theatre for finding this lovely child actor who came all the way from Dublin, Ireland, in the American premiere of HAMNET!


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