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What Did You Think of Peculiar Patriot

Thank you joining us for Peculiar Patriot, written and performed by Liza Jessie Peterson. For more information about the play and the information discussed in it check out our blog.

Interested in more? Join us October 22nd for a public dialogue with Liza and Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins at the Museum of African American History. More information here.

Share your thoughts in the comments – we love hearing from you and so do other audience members!


  1. Stacey ResnikoffOctober 21, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Brilliant play, riveting performance, sensitive direction, powerful mise-en-scène. The Peculiar Patriot portrays enormous, deeply emotional, and layered content on mass incarceration in the most captivating way. 90 minutes of wow. If you’ve ever visited/experienced correctional facilities, you’ll be moved beyond measure. And everyone will be enthralled by the depth of the characters and relationships Liza Jessie Peterson creates alone on stage. Plus, the story behind this play, a work 20 years in the making, is just so inspiring to writers and artists. Thank you, ArtsEmerson, for bringing this singular one-woman show to Boston.

  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm and advocacy, Stacey! It means so much for the show and for the artists when the audience takes the time to share their experiences in this way. You’re probably a perfect audience member for WET: A DACAmented Journey as well, btw. Here’s a video link to the performer talking about the play if you want to check it out:

  3. John AndradeOctober 28, 2018 at 9:36 am

    A really powerful play really made you think about the criminal justice system in the United State while not just appealing to a person’s feelings about the subject it really made you think about how to really fix the US Criminal Justice system.

    • John– welcome to the ArtsEmerson community! So glad you are engaging with this series of conversations. For us, the work on stage is the beginning of the journey. It’s what follows in terms of conversation and connection that is the point. So please keep up the dialogue as you go. Also, just in case this is not already evident to you, the work on stage is only one way to connect with us. There are events all over the city all year as well and a film program in the cinema at the Paramount Center all season.

      The link for other events:

      The link for the films:


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