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Let’s Talk about /peh-LO-tah/

Thank you for joining us for /peh-LO-tah/ at the RJO. This performance weaves together music, dance, poetry, and images in a way that gives us a lot to talk about.

Are particular moments standing out to you? What moments resonated as true? Are there spaces that you or people in your community can count on as truly liberated spaces?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


“Brilliant, moving, provocative & engaging.” – @jcanales

“Ritual transformation through language and sound. Boston come out.” –  @CathyJEdwards

“Awesome show! ⚽️” ‏- @kingyordvn


“Bring your soccer team, bring your black student union, bring your family, bring your friends. The /peh–LO–tah/ crew have brought something really special to Boston.” – City Living Boston 

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  1. Viviana PlanineMay 2, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    I saw it last night. I loved it! It brought to the audience very important issues of these dark times, we are going trough, but I didn’t leave the theater depressed, as usual, because this performance, at the same time, brought joy and love. The metaphor of soccer brings the passion for the game to the action for change . We are going to get the pelota, we are going to pass it and we are going score the goal. Thank you Marc Bamuthi Joseph for bringing us energy and hope! Dame la pelota! is my new mantra.


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