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Articles by Ryan Walsh

  “Sitting squared behind that table gives me a center, makes the story the important thing and to some extent the table is a new image that can’t be pinned down. It is authoritarian but it also is not stand-up comedy.” – Spalding Gray on  not being a stand-up comic If you read a certain amount of interviews with Spalding Gray you’re going to notice a reoccurring sentiment, a sort of consistent refusal–  it comes…

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It begins with a severed ear in a grassy field.  It’s out of place, it’s a metaphor, it’s a plot point, it’s simultaneously creepy, funny and intriguing.  In a word, it’s Lynchian. There may be more successful, more universally lauded, more enjoyable David Lynch films in the oeuvre but Blue Velvet is the Lynch film. There are several ways one can make this argument but I’d like to concentrate on this one in particular: it…

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