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Articles by Sam Weisberg

This Friday and Saturday, members of Proyecto Carrito will be joining ArtsEmerson at 17 Border Crossings. Students and staff involved with the organization will be present in the lobby before and after the show, sharing information about the organization as well as some of their own stories of border crossings. Proyecto Carrito began in 2010 as a weekly writing class at Emerson College, and has since evolved into a growing transnational movement, embodied by the…

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Next weekend, Melinda Lopez’s new one-woman show Mala is opening at ArtsEmerson, and here in the student engagement office, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to talk to our classmates about it. After all, a story about losing parents, growing older, and figuring out all the complexities of middle age may not exactly sound like a stressed-out college student’s idea of a good time. As much as we go to the theatre to empathize…

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When I was a child I hated children’s theatre. I know that’s not really the strongest lead to use for a blog post promoting a TYA (theatre for young audiences) show. It was SO true, though. Why did shows for kids ALWAYS have to come with some sort of through-woven, family-friendly moral? Young Sam (and, OK, old Sam too) was impatient and weary of holier-than-thou attitudes. All I wanted to see were some funny actors…

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